Is Your Healthcare Organization
Dementia Ready?

As a healthcare provider, it’s vital to the success of your organization that your staff is sufficiently trained in best practices dementia care. We provide this training to hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, home care agencies, hospice, day care centers and just about any other entity that cares for seniors.

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How We Can Help


separatstar-grey2Our mission is to educate individuals, organizations and communities to view and treat people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias in a way that maintains or improves the person’s lifestyle for as long as possible while maintaining his or her dignity.


Training for

From staff and management training, to marketing, your healthcare organization will benefit from our dynamic and profitable dementia programs.

For Families

Through telephone coaching and/or on-site services, families of those suffering from dementia will benefit from learning daily activities to help their loved ones.


Earn free CEU hours at your facility with six courses to choose from and showcase your organization at the same time by hosting a CEU Workshop.

Our Expertise

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Our expertise is centered on training your dementia care partners to deliver state-of-the-art protocols and best-care practices so that you can offer families a thriving environment that maximizes quality of life for their loved one.


Discover best practices to empower yourself to understand the person with dementia and to create a mutual trust.

Preparation & Process

Receive practical lessons in helping the person with dementia to maximize independence and self-sufficiency.

Common Aging

Learn how the aging process works and some of the conditions that are quite common as we age.

The Brain

Caregivers will be taught the different parts of the brain and the effects of those parts being damaged by this disease.

Managing Challenges

Learn solutions to past problematic situations and experience effective ways to overcome difficulties.


Learn exercises to demonstrate the effectiveness of a cooperative vs an independent approach of delivering care.