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Let your prospective clients know that your home care agency is serious about caring for people with dementia, by gifting them with My Frame of Reference™ and a copy of I Care: A Handbook for Care Partners of People with Dementia.

I Care will help the family navigate the various challenges of caring for a loved with dementia at home. My Frame of Reference™ is a tool that your staff can use in the client’s home to improve safety and better relate to the person with dementia.

We have arranged this special 5Pak offer in order to provide you with a very unique, powerful, and affordable point of differentiation in your marketing efforts.

The 5Pak contains 5 Personal Information frames and 5 Personal Care frames bundled at a 30% discount (list price is $69.50 per 2-frame set). In addition, this bundle contains 5 copies of I Care: A Handbook for Care Partners of People with Dementia (list price is $13.99 ea).

By giving this 2-frame set as a gift to the family, together with a copy of I Care, you are signaling to the family that you are the home care agency best qualified to care for their loved one.

5Pak Bundle Offer

  • 5 PC Frames
  • 5 PI Frames
  • 5 I Care Books

$417.45 30% discount


What better way to stand apart and above the competition?

5 Personal Care Framespc frames


5 Personal Information FramesPI-frame-bundle3


5 I Care Booksbook-bundle3


All this for just $292.22!

Every time the family sees My Frame of Reference™ they’ll be
reminded of your thoughtful, generous, and appropriate gift.