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A Breakthrough in Dementia Safety

One of my colleagues, Peter Thorpe, a professional fireman, recently launched a new product, which is sure to revolutionize safety in the kitchen – particularly for people with memory impairment. His product, Fire Avert, is long overdue and a welcome fix to a nagging problem.

Essentially, Fire Avert  plugs into your stove’s outlet and then your stove plugs into Fire Avert. If something on the stove is left unattended and causes smoke, Fire Avert will receive an electronic signal from the smoke detector and shut off power to the stove, minimizing any further damage.

I don’t know the technology behind the product and I’m not really that interested, but I am ecstatic that such a product is now available. Why am I so excited? Because stove fires are a major threat to those who have dementia, due to the likelihood of forgetting something is cooking on the stove. As a result, families are forced to prevent or put limitations on their loved one’s cooking which creates depression from no longer being able to do what they have always done and enjoyed.

fireavertMore good news…because Peter loves the idea of his product helping the likes of his grandma and mom to keep on making his favorite pies, he is generously giving those who love people with dementia a 20% discount off Fire Avert. If you’re interested, please visit Fire Avert and be sure to use discount code COOKSAFE at checkout.

For men with dementia, the hardest loss is to have to stop driving. Male baby boomers not only enjoy the control and independence of driving, but it is also a great source of pleasure. Most women of the baby boomer generation enjoy cooking and providing meals for their family, which is oftentimes a way to express their love and care for the family.

In both of these cases, needing to limit, supervise or, in many cases, take away these pleasures is not just a physical loss. The emotional loss can also be so crushing, causing mom and dad to fight so hard to maintain these freedoms.

Now that the problem of cooking for mom has been resolved, I’m looking forward to the invention of the robotic car for dad which I hope will be available in the next decade. I’m not sure if I will be able to secure a 20% discount for the car, but I’ll sure try.

If you want to learn even more about Fire Avert, tune into Shark Tank (ABC) tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 5th) to watch Peter pitch his product to The Sharks — tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons – who invest in America’s best businesses and products.

Kerry Mills, Dementia Coach

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  1. I have that conversation with myself every night !!!!????
    I am definitely going to get one of those things for my stove. Have to go home and measure to see if I have four inches behind my stove .
    Great idea, guys, you probably saved my life or at very least my dogs life!!
    thanks a lot????

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