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There are 5.3 million people in the U.S. with Alzheimer’s. With baby boomers advancing in age, this number is expected to reach 7.1 million people by 2025.

It's Time to Get Ready!

The objective of Dementia Care Alliance is to assemble the best-of-the-best in dementia home care services in preparation to effectively meet the projected growth.

Five Advantages of DCA Membership

Point of Differentiation

Determining your marketing advantage starts with positive differences between your agency and the competition. Your membership signals that you’re qualified to provide better home care for people with dementia.

Prevent Premature Moves

There are two reasons most families want to keep their loved at home for as long as possible:

  1. People with dementia fare better in a stable environment and studies show that change of residence can be very disruptive.
  2. The prohibitive cost of out-of-home long term care. Ongoing dementia training will help to maximize the length a client can stay at home. (EXAMPLE: If one of your clients generated annual revenue of $21k, even a four-month longer home stay would produce additional revenue of $7k. And, based on a monthly cost of $5,500 in an Assisted Living the family would realize net savings of $15k for the same period.)


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Home Care Agency of Choice for Dementia Care

Families are no longer satisfied with conventional methods of home care and are demanding that agencies be equipped to meet the specific needs of their loved ones with dementia.Your ever-improving care of clients with dementia will position your agency as the go-to resource for families seeking optimum care for their loved ones.

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

At Engaging Alzheimer’s we are constantly asked by families for a referral to a home care agency. We have been hesitant to provide references, except for a handful of agencies that we know are serious about dementia care. DCA will change our hesitancy because all members will be listed on our website as qualified in this field of care.

The “Company” You Keep

Engaging Alzheimer’s LLC is growing in reputation as the resource for expert advice and education when it comes to dementia care. Having your agency associated with us will give you the credibility few other home care agencies could only hope to achieve.

Freedom Home Healthcare
“Freedom Home Healthcare has been a member of Dementia Care Alliance since May 2016.  We have received wonderful feedback from our employees about the trainings facilitated by Amy E. Matthews, Dementia Coach with Engaging Alzheimer’s, LLC.  Amy has also helped a number of our clients and their families in resolving complicated issues related to dementia. Amy’s  expertise in the field of dementia and her supportive non-judgmental approach have proved to be invaluable to us. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to the aging community.”
Elina Polyakov, Director of Social Work & Care Management, Freedom Home Healthcare
Hackensack, NJ

Join Dementia Care Alliance

Here's How You Prove Your Competency

  1. Agency Training: Members commit to a minimum of one-hour, quarterly trainings by Engaging Alzheimer’s LLC. Agency staff attend each session for ongoing training and/or to resolve dementia-related challenges using our proven and appropriate strategies. There are no short cuts to success.
  2. Connectivity: Having a relationship with the cognitive impaired is not outside the realm of possibility for in-home staff. It just requires a change in approach. We created My Frame of Reference™ to encourage care partners to build a relationship with his/her client. Member agencies provide the 2-frame set to their clients to help staff become more familiar with the client.
  3. Family Education: Member agencies provide a copy of our Award Winning book, I Care – A Handbook for Care Partners of People with Dementia, to every client who has a loved one with dementia. Families need to learn what quality care looks like, so they will recognize it in your services.
  4. Family Coaching: Member agencies provide clients with access to Engaging Alzheimer’s LLC for professional support and guidance on an as-needed basis. The more coaching the family receives from us, the more likely the client can stay at home longer.

What is the cost to join the Alliance?

THERE IS NO FEE to join Dementia Care Alliance! Our goal is to build a network of the Best of the Best in Home Care. Instead of a membership fee, candidates begin the qualification process by ordering 10 My Frame of Reference™ frames and 5 copies of the book, I Care for their clients with dementia. These care tools are bundled in 5Paks and discounted by 30% for DCA members:

List Price for 5Pak: $417.45— DCA Members pay only $292.21

(Above pricing does not include S&H and applicable sales tax)

Join Dementia Care Alliance Now!

Questions? Call us at 914-962-0997 to have us contact you.

premier home health care
"Thank you so much for the most valuable, interactive, and useful training that we have received in a long time, if not ever!! I am so impressed that the aides were so engaged and really took to heart what you were teaching them."
M. Walsh, Administrator, Premier Home Health Care
Stamford, CT