The best environment in which to evaluate someone with dementia is in the person’s current place of residence. These visits last about 1.5 hours and are attended by some close family members as well.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Daily activities
  • Problem behaviors
  • Safety measures
  • Dementia education
  • Home-care options
  • Communication
  • Out-of-home placement (if needed)

After the initial on-site consultation, many families opt to have ongoing telephone coaching. These sessions can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as two hours depending on the need.

For some families nothing more is needed beyond the initial consultation. For others, we are in the picture for several months or even years.



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“You have been a wonderful source of confidence, warmth and knowledge for our family. Truly, your assistance, guidance and most of all, disposition, in helping us navigate has been a godsend. We can’t thank you enough.”
Tony H.
New York, NY


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