Aside from the usual rhetoric found on websites and in marketing material, do families know that your home care agency is competent to care for their loved one with dementia?

Stop telling people how good you are and start showing them! We can help you do this in 3 ways:

Agency Assessment

By assessment we don’t mean the infrastructure of your business, your business plan, or any other component related to operations. Our assessment is only focused on issues that relate to your clients with dementia. Here are some examples:

  • How do you score regarding overall quality of care?
  • Do you have a memory team in place and if so, how well does it function?
  • What is the rate of turnover for in-home staff caring for your clients with dementia?
  • Are your marketing efforts resonating with families, who have a loved with dementia?
  • What strategies are you using to keep clients with dementia at home longer?

Marketing Outreach

As you may know, many healthcare professionals must periodically obtain continuing education units (CEUs) in order to meet licensing requirements.

Our Dedicated Dementia Care Partner course is CEU certified for several of these disciplines. Many home care clients sponsor our CEU workshops for nurses, social workers, and case managers for referral and networking purposes.

Staff Training

We understand that home care agencies would be limited in assembling staff in one place for our 12-hour formal training program (split into two days). While we can’t reduce the 12 hours, we can break the training up into smaller durations subject to your schedule; 1 hour per month for 12 months, 2 hours per month for 6 months, 3 hours per month for 4 months, etc.

Call (914) 962-0997 to learn more or fill out the form and we will contact you.


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Call (914) 962-0997 to learn more or fill out the form and we will contact you.

White Plains Hospital
“This [training] will be pivotal for improving care to our patients with dementia. You’re awesome!”
White Plains Hospital
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