So, Who’s In Charge?

How often have you heard the axiom that organizations fail more often due to bad management than lack of revenue? While history has proven this to be true, organizations continue to place people in authority, who neither have the training, the tools nor the capacity to lead successfully.

A formally trained management team is an absolute necessity to the success of any organization. This training module orients attendees to leadership techniques that instill job satisfaction in CNAs and HHAs. In turn, this fosters increased productivity and quality of care and reduces costly turnover.

Managers are taught to embrace change that cultivates growth and be able to inspire subordinates to do likewise. This training helps attendees to neutralize change resistance by identifying common blocks and adopting measures to overcome these obstacles.

There’s no better way to increase an organization’s bottom line than giving your management team professional training and valuable tools to maintain a full census and develop a long waiting list.

premier home health care
What can I say?…Thank you so much for the most valuable, interactive and useful information that we have received in along time, if not ever!!  I am so impressed that the aides were so engaged and really took to heart what you were teaching them. I look forward to working with you as we become the ‘gold standard’ for home care for clients with cognitive deficits.”
Maureen Walsh, Premier Home Health Care
Stamford, CT