Internal Marketing Strategies

Although your passion is centered on helping persons with dementia, you can’t ignore the need to generate revenue to fund your goals. We understand this and realize that a fully occupied residence or a substantial client list is needed in order to provide the highest degree of quality services. We provide the following training modules to augment your marketing efforts:

The Tour! This module is taught by Kerry Mills, who excelled at giving tours during her tenure as Executive Director of several dementia residences. She routinely achieved full census of her residences and had waiting lists as high as 25 people.

Kerry covers the gamut of this critical marketing function, which includes the initial appointment, attitudinal tweaking, first impression preparedness, effective listening, dealing with negatives, and securing the contract and deposit. This module is for your marketing team and includes extensive role-playing and feedback. This is a must for new organizations and those that are unable to reach full census.  (4-hours)

Expanding Your Sales Force! Family satisfaction is the conduit for referrals and must be an integral element of your overall marketing strategy. Word of mouth speaks volumes and this module helps care partners advance positive conversations about your organization.

There is a dearth of training when it comes to successfully managing families of loved ones diagnosed with dementia. By managing, we don’t mean control. On the contrary, the goal is to meet and surpass the desires of family members and generate positive feedback in the community.

The way to maintain family management is to correctly identify family expectations and then adopt procedures to help you match these preferred family outcomes. This training module stresses confidence factors, core competencies and the art of anticipation in achieving family satisfaction.