The Core of Success

Dementia care givers are in desperate need of professional training, if they are to serve this unique population effectively. Outdated and ineffective practices are being used on a daily basis.

Doctors and other healthcare experts as well as families have all expressed a lack of knowledge and a desire to learn best care practices. With this in mind, we offer our two-day, CEU approved core training module for the purpose of transforming your current staff into competent and capable dementia care partners.

The Following Sessions Comprise This Module

Normal & Common Aging – We will start the day discussing and experiencing some of the conditions that are quite common as we age.  This start allows us to focus on what is not dementia before we dive into what is dementia!

The Working & The Broken Brain – During this session caregivers will be taught the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s.  We will explore the different parts of the brain and the effects of those parts being damaged by this disease.  Caregivers will gain an understanding of the reasons for common behaviors that occur.

Effective & Nurturing Communication – This session helps the caregiver develop skills in speaking and listening to the person with dementia.  Caregivers are trained in best practices to empower them to understand the person with dementia and to create a mutual trust between him or her and the care partner.

The Day vs. The Task – Getting ready for the day is key to having a successful day. Caregivers are given practical lessons in helping the person with dementia to maximize independence and self-sufficiency.  Routine is stressed as an integral element in achieving these goals, whether the activity is new or part of everyday functions.

Caregivers are trained to adopt meaningful approaches at every level of interaction with the diagnosed person.  Adaptation to the specific needs of the person at any given moment is emphasized, whether the activity is personal care, taking care of the home, going for a walk, or going to a family outing.

Managing Challenges – In this module of the workshop, caregivers are encouraged to share problematic experiences they have encountered on the job. These events then become the centerpiece of discussion in exploring effective ways to overcome difficulties.

Few topics create as much interest as this one due to the frequent changes in personality caused by dementia and the resultant impact on the primary caregiver and other family members.

Collective Effort – The advantages of having a team orientation is underscored for the workshop participants.  Exercises are employed to demonstrate the effectiveness of a cooperative versus an independent approach of delivering care.  Caregivers will learn how to derive fulfillment from their labors and aspire to a greater level of contentment in their lives, resulting in increased productivity and quality of care.