People with impaired memory will respond positively when meaningful information about their past is used in casual interaction. A child’s name, a favorite game, a tune from the past, or a spouse’s name can all trigger familiarity and create a more pleasant environment. My Frame of Reference™ is a tool that makes it easy to use this proactive approach to best care practices.

My Frame of Reference™ was designed for two critical areas of care management, which caregivers of people with dementia face every day. We highly recommend that My Frame of Reference™ be ordered as a 2-frame set for optimum care. Use coupon code: 2SET20 at checkout to get 20% Off the 2-frame set!

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Personal Information

dementia frame of referenceThe Personal Information Frame of Reference is to be used in the bedroom or living area and provides a variety of informational details, such as preferred name, favorite music, former employment, favorite food, names of children, and other pertinent specifics.

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Personal Care

dementia personal care femaleThe Personal Care Frame of Reference is to be used in an area where the memory impaired person gets ready for their day. This frame contains pictures of a razor, wig, walker, etc. in a bathroom to help caregivers meet the various personal needs of the person in his or her care.

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Each Personal Information frame and each Personal Care frame comes with a reversible insert that has a female version on one side and a male version on the other. The images on each insert used to denote genders are generic and are applicable for all races and ethnicities. Additional inserts for each frame are also available for purchase.

How Does My Frame of Reference™ Work?

My Frame of Reference™ mounts on the wall near the person with dementia, allowing visitors and caregivers to learn significant details about the person at a glance. My Frame of Reference™ provides essential information to caregivers in the first few seconds of meeting the person with dementia.

Constructed of sturdy anodized aluminum, each frame features a snap-open front for ease in changing the insert once the frame has been mounted to the wall. The Personal Information and Personal Care inserts are male oriented on one side and female oriented on the other side for convenience and cost savings.


The primary family caregiver completes both inserts by writing the pertinent data about their loved one in the spaces on the Personal Information insert and circling the relevant pictures in the Personal Care insert.

Kerry Mills, Professional Dementia Coach, Explains her Ideas Behind the Creation of My Frame of Reference™