My Frame of Reference™: Personal Care

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Weight: 1.38 lb / 0.62 kg
Dimensions: 12.5 in x 14.5in
(31.75 cm x 36.83 cm)

Preparing a resident properly for the day’s activities has been a chronic problem for professional caregivers. It’s a matter of a lack of details about what the resident needs in terms of dentures, hearing aids, incontinence, etc. This need gave rise to the Personal Care Frame of Reference, which provides pictures of all the things the caregiver needs to know when getting a resident ready for the day.

The Personal Care frame is to be used in the area where the memory impaired person is made ready for the day. The most used room for the Personal Care frame is the bathroom of the home or facility that the patient is currently residing in.

This insert has a bathroom background for easy reference and contains pictures of a:

  • Razor
  • Wig
  • Walker
  • Glasses
  • Wheelchair
  • Shower Cap
  • Personal Items
  • An area to label any special instructions

The family member simply circles the various items that relate to the resident. The caregiver only needs to glance at the Personal Care frame to find out the specifics that apply to the resident.

This insert has a male and female version that appear on each side of the single insert.

Manufactured from sturdy anodized aluminum, each frame comes with mounting screws and anchors, a non-glare PVC cover, and a firm back panel. The frames feature a snapping mechanism, which allows for front loading and removal of the hi-gloss, full-color information insert. Once mounted, the frame never needs to be removed.

My Frame of Reference™ was designed for two critical areas of care management, which caregivers of people with dementia face every day. We highly recommend that My Frame of Reference™ be ordered as a 2-frame set for optimum care. Use coupon code: 2SET20 at checkout to get 20% Off a 2-frame set!

Personal Care Frame of Reference
(Frame with Reversible Male/Female Insert)

$34.75 ea

Additional Personal Care Insert
(Reversible Insert Only; No Frame)

$9.75 ea

Questions about the frame or placing orders? Let us know and we'd be happy to help!

My Frame of Reference™ is a product that evolved from best care practices for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. Essentially, dementia care experts found that there was a significant link between caregivers and people with dementia when familiarity was introduced to the care process. In other words, when the caregiver addressed the resident using personal details the resident exhibited less bad behaviors.