I Care – Table of Contents
A Handbook for Care Partners of People with Dementia

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Chapter 1Controlling Yourself, Not the Circumstances

  • Self-discipline
  • Attitude
  • Groundwork
  • Possibilities

Chapter 2Describing the Brain with Dementia

  • Defining Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Chapter 3Putting Your Ducks in a Row

  • Legal Documents
  • Your Direct Care Team
  • Preparing for a Move

Chapter 4Staying Engaged

  • Communicating with someone with Dementia
  • Encouraging Socialization

Chapter 5Creating Meaningful Time, Not Just Passing the Time

  • Give Up Control
  • Small Changes, Big Successes
  • Dear Friends
  • Meaningful Activities

Chapter 6Making the Home Safe and Supportive

  • Organization Establishes Calmness
  • Memory Centers Produce Self-Dependence
  • Routines Produce Predictability
  • Home Modifications Compensate for Deficits

Chapter 7Taking Care of Yourself

  • Overcoming Guilt
  • Make Time for Yourself
  • Where to Look for Help


  • Health Care Summary for Emergency Personnel
  • Conversations to Have With Your Physician
  • Long-Term Residence Checklist
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Company Questions
  • Blank Behavioral Log
  • Quick Reading Check
  • Home Environment Safety Checklist
  • Interview Questions for a Potential Companion
  • About the Authors