CEU Accredited Course
Dedicated Dementia Care Partner

Program Purpose: Dementia care partners are in desperate need of professional training, if they are to serve this unique population effectively. You can help to improve this situation by hosting a CEU training workshop.

Topics for CEU Workshop© 2016

1) Normal & Common Aging (2-hour session – 2 CEU hours earned): This is our fundamental session where we discuss and actually simulate some of the conditions that are quite common as we age.  We focus on what is not dementia before we dive into what is dementia!

2) The Working & The Broken Brain (2-hour session – 2 CEU hours earned): During this session attendees will be taught the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s.  We will explore the different parts of the brain and the effects of those parts being damaged by this disease.  Attendees will gain an understanding of the reasons for common behaviors that occur.

3) Effective & Nurturing Communication (2-hour session – 2 CEU hours earned): This session helps the care partner develop skills in speaking and listening to the person with dementia.  Attendees are trained in best practices for empowering the care partner to understand the person with dementia and to create a mutual trust between the person with dementia and the care partner.

4) Managing Challenges (2-hour session – 2 CEU hours earned): In this session, care partners are encouraged to share problematic experiences they have encountered on the job. These events then become the centerpiece of discussion in exploring effective ways to overcome difficulties. Few topics create as much interest as this one due to the frequent changes in personality caused by dementia and the resultant impact on the primary care partner and family members.